Refill Bath Bubble KDF Bathtub Filter


SKU: 49720B

Bath Bubble Refill KDF Bathtub Filter.

Fill your tub with clean filtered water! Good for 300 or more baths a year!!

REMOVE CHLORINE, IRON, LEAD, HEAVY METALS, dirt, sediment, odors and chlorine that cause dry, itchy, flaky skin, brittle hair and eye, lung and sinus irritation.

Chlorine dries the skin, causes rashes and itching; is harmful to anyone with asthma or allergies. With the Bath Bubble you will bathe in soft, chlorine, mold and mildew free water. The bath bubble will balance your PH so that you feel clean and refreshed after your bath.

The Bath Bubble is an attractive, four inch REFILLABLE plastic sphere that’s easy to install and completely REFILLABLE with the #49720 santé Turbo Disc KDF® refill.

The Bath Bubble hangs from tub spout under the tub faucet. The water flows, unrestricted, into the openings on the top, through the Power Disc filter, and out the bottom, chlorine and bacteria free.

Added benefits are your bathtub will stay cleaner longer because the filter reduces lime scale, mold, and mildew deposits and helps to soften your water naturally (without salt!!) leaving your skin supple and smooth and your hair soft, silky and manageable. 

Simple to Use

Just run the bath water a bit slower than usual so the water does not overflow and bypass the filter. 

If you want unfiltered bath water for washing the tub, just unhook the bath ball and set it aside to let the water flow without the filter in place.