Our family water treatment systems business started in 1978, when clean water was just as critical, but choices were simpler than they are today. We joined the Internet in 1998 as Santé for Health, and have never looked back. 

For the past 40 years we’ve been driven by delivering great service and support as we’ve developed and delivered shower filters, drinking water filter systems, whole house filtration systems, water softeners and shower heads.

Our goals remain consistent to this day: to provide our customers’ great water, great service and to treat every person as we wish to be treated.  

Sante for health is devoted to supplying you with the best water filtration equipment possible. Safe, clean, pure water is one of the world's leading health issues we have. Everyone knows just how important it is to filter drinking water. Remove the impurities such as chlorine, lead, iron, sediment and odors. 

You also need to shower in chlorine free water, chemical free water and healthy water. The pipes in your home can have dirt, lead, bacteria and more, which you want to remove. Our products do all of this and MORE!

Sante for health offers Shower Filters, Alkaline water Systems, Under Sink Water Systems including Reverse Osmosis, 2 and 3 Stage Filter Systems. Whole House Water Filtration for Well and City Water, water softeners’ and more. santeforhealth also carries all the replacement filters for shower filters, reverse osmosis systems, whole house systems; including Big Blue water filters and more. We send every customer a yearly reminder that it is time to change your filter.

 Shower filters provide tons of benefits such as chlorine, lead, iron, and heavy metal removal; eliminates dry skin and dry hair, the removal of bad odors; including those from well water. The AQUAPURE PRO 4 STAGE Shower Filter helps balance water ph. Our shower filters work in un-chlorinated well water to stop orange, red & green hair. The elimination of chlorine and chemicals from your shower water is as important as the removal of these contaminants from your drinking water. Some of the reasons for reducing chlorine and synthetic chemicals levels in your shower water include: 

  • Chlorine causes dryness, itching, flaking and premature skin aging. 
  • Chlorine, Chlorine gas, chlorine by-products such as Trihalomethanes (THM's), chloroform and chloramines could result in you’re inhaling up to a cup of chlorine every time you shower in hot water; leading to a possible long term health risk. You may absorb more chlorine through the skin during your shower than through drinking unfiltered tap water 

There are primarily three types of media used for shower filters: 

  • KDF 
  • Activated Carbon 

At santeforhealth we use the most KDF in any shower filter available. 

We completely customize filtration systems to your home or business needs. We have experts on hand to assist you in determining the best filter(s) and water solution for you. We offer a complete line of premium and value whole house filtration units. We also carry all the necessary replacement filters

sante also offers:

  • Complete water filtration
  • Reverse Osmosis systems
  • Well water filtration
  • Whole house filtration


santeforhealth welcomes wholesale opportunities. 

santeforhealth has never manufactured or sold refrigerator filters.