Installation instructions for the Sante Dual Ultimate Shower Filter

We at Sante want to make the experience of installing your shower filter as easy and quick as possible. We have new and improved connections that should make it a breeze. 


Supplies you will need: a rag and six point wrench or other tool to get a tight connection at the shower pipe. 

Removing the sides and cartridges may make installing your shower filter a more process but not required. The sides of the filters unscrew, one clockwise and one counter clockwise, the cartridges pop out and just need to be good and snug when screwed back on.

  • 1st step-
    • Place the flat washer into the female end of the Sante Ultimate Dual Shower filter middle snugly.
  • 2nd step-
    • Place the rounded washer flat side down on top of the flat washer, once again snugly.
  • 3rd step-
    • Turn the elbow in until tight with the elbow facing the blue Sante logo. 

At this point you can either put the sides on or continue and add the sides last.

  • 4th step-
    • Put the flat end of the washer facing down into the female side of the elbow.
      • Shower pipes are generally 1/2". Due to age, wear and thread conditions this is where you may choose to use tape.
      • If needed, wrap tape 3 times around clockwise so that the tape is not removed when turning the elbow onto the pipe. We recommend tightening with a 6 point wrench or similar too, over a rag for the tightest connection. Tape is not always necessary but can help in getting a tight seal. If you have old tape on your pipe be sure to remove it completely. This can be done with a toothbrush.  
  • If you have a short pipe coming out of the wall don't add your sides until you have screwed your middle on. In the case of a short pipe the elbow is not required. You can attach the shower filter straight to the pipe or get an extender at any hardware store.
Following these directions will ensure a strong connection for your Sante Dual Ultimate Shower Filter

Please contact us with any questions you have while installing your filter.  



Dual Ultimate instructions