What does KDF Media do?

 KDF 55 and KDF 85 Process Media can remove many things.

  • Up to 99% of water-soluble lead,
  • mercury
  • nickel
  • chromium
  • chlorine
  • iron
  • hydrogen sulfide
  • lead
  • mercury
  • calcium carbonate
  • magnesium and other dissolved metals.
All KDF Process Media forms are effective in controlling the buildup of bacteria, algae, fungi and scale, making them ideal for use in GAC beds, ion exchange resins, carbon block filters and inline carbon filters.   The use of KDF can eliminate the need for costly, and sometimes harmful, chemical treatments.


How do KDF Process Media work?

KDF media exchange electrons with contaminants, changing them into harmless components.

Whether you’re filtering water for drinking and cooking, showering and bathing, or other use. Rest assured KDF filters are working to protect you and your family from chemicals, minerals and other contaminants.


Benefits of KDF Process Media:

  • Effective removal of wide range of contaminants 
  • Cost effective 
  • Extend life and efficiency of carbon (GAC) filters 
  • Remains effective at higher water temperature