6 Filter UV Light Under Counter For Well Water or City Water

$725.00 $499.00

SKU: 70000

This six filter water system, plus a UV light to kill bacteria, will give you clean and healthy water and years of service. We make this system based on what your water needs.

This is the strongest under sink system made to give great, healthy water for home use. This water solution has three filters are drop in and three are in-line. Additionally we use a top rated UV light. Let us know if you are on a well or city water, and we will contact your water department to see your area water quality report. Well water units are custom made to best quality and safest water you have ever had. 

This six filter system can remove fluoride, chlorine, chloramine (ammonia added to the water), lead, heavy metals, iron, arsenic, mercury and much more.

Easy installation. Made in the USA.

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