Ultimate Dual KDF Shower Filter for Well Water - FREE SHIPPING

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The ULTIMATE Dual KDF 55 Shower Filter with its twin filtering power! The Gold Standard of shower filters.

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In order for a well water shower filter to be effective it must contain KDF55. It is the ONLY thing that will work with well water.  The twin actions of the Santé "ULTIMATE" DUAL KDF55 SHOWER FILTER FOR WELL WATER will remove and eliminate: chlorine, iron, heavy metals, bacteria and chemicals with the dual action of two filter cartridges to keep these chemicals and additives from harming your skin, your hair color or your health!

Want to end orange or green tinted hair? Install the ULTIMATE shower filter. It’ll stop hair loss and hair thinning from chlorine or well water. Chlorine is considered a leading cause of hair loss and thinning hair. Keep your salon color safe from discoloration by removing up to 99% of the harmful iron, chlorine and copper from your water.

The ULTIMATE Dual KDF Shower Filter will improve dry, itchy skin. In addition to removing chlorine, iron and heavy metals this shower filter also removes odors, organic waste, trihalomethanes, bacteria, and common carcinogens such as carbon tetrachloride, chloroform, benzene and vinylidene chloride.


  • Doctor Recommended for skin, hair and health
  • Stops irritating skin itching from dry skin
  • End orange hair
  • Heavy Metals are considered a leading cause of thinning hair and hair loss
  • Limited lifetime warranty on the housing as long as the KDF filter is changed  annually
  • Many companies use carbon and just 2 ounces of KDF. Our new "ULTIMATE" DUAL KDF SHOWER Filter for well water is filled with more than 30 ounces of KDF. This makes it the most powerful shower filter ever made.
  • Replace your ULTIMATE filter once a year with ULTIMATE Dual Shower Filter Refills

    Don't be fooled by look-a-like non refillable filters or filters that are loaded with carbon-they won't work in hot water and contain very little KDF if any.

    Watch the easy installation video here.

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