Reverse Osmosis Four Stage Unit with U.V. Light

$349.99 $289.99


Remove ions, molecules, and larger particles from drinking water.

Perfect for homes with well water or anyone concerned about removing bacteria as well as chlorine, chloramine, lead, iron, fluoride and more. These systems are designed to fit your requirements with options on the membrane, fittings, shut off valve, tank type and size.

Pictured here with a 3.2 gallon replaceable bladder tank, hex feed adapter, and a Touch Flo type faucet. We include the best USA filters made. Includes ECF Module (Extended Contact Carbon Adsorption Filter). They should be changed yearly and the membrane changed every 4 years.


  • Four stage reverse osmosis system with UV Ultra Violet light Upgrade To 50 Gallon Per Day
  • Full instruction book included
  • This RO unit can be made with two down-flow filter housings to save space. We build up not wide.