Calcor PH Neutralization Refill Cartridge


SKU: AF-10-3232

Calcor pH Neutralization.

  • Controls pH Corrosion
  • Allows Mineralization
  • Calcor pH neutralization media
  • WQA GOLD Seal certified

About Calcor Neutralization
pH is an indicator of the acid or alkaline condition of water. The pH scale ranges from 0-14; 7 indicates the theoretical neutral point. Neutralization cartridges act on acidic waters by slowly dissolving the calcium carbonate and magnesium oxide media as the water flows through the filter, raising the pH of the water and increasing the alkalinity. This eliminates the effects of corrosive water and can help to prevent corrosion of piping and fixtures.

The combination of Corosex® and Calcite® lessen the aggressive tendencies of acidic pH streams and their ability to leach metals from plumbing systems acidifier. Initial effluent may have a somewhat higher dissolution of product as it sits in intimate contact over time. The dissolution rate is multi-factorial and the result of water temperature, flow rate and specific water chemistry.  This product is sacrificial so capacities will be specific to each application and variables mentioned above.