Shower Pre-Filter With 10 Pre-Filter Refills

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SKU: 48640

For Well Water, City Water, Older Homes and Apartments.

Does your water supply contain sediment, dirt, lead or rust? Do you experience low water pressure? Is your hair turning odd colors? Is your water causing your skin to break out or giving you a rash?

Whether you have well water, city water or live in an older home or apartment, you may want to improve every shower with our protective pre-filter water filters.

If your home or building is more than forty years old, your pipes could contain lead, copper or iron that might enter your shower filter. Protect your skin and hair from harsh minerals and dirt while you extend the life of your shower filter with our Shower Pre-Filters. These Shower Pre-Filters - when used in combination with a shower filter - could save your hair & skin from all types of damage.

• Easy to install hardware and filter refills
• Comes with 10 replacement filter refills
• Get replacement filter refills in bulk - comes in 25, 50, 100, 200 unit orders

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