Since we can't be there to help you with your installation we thought a few tips might be helpful.  

Sante Dual Ultimate Shower Filter

  • Make sure that your washers are in flat side down and nice and snug.
  • Always tape clockwise and just 3 turns.  Any more or any less will not give you that tight seal you are looking for.
  • We do advise to start your install with hand tightening but that may not be enough for everyone so grab a wrench and slowly tighten.  Too tight and you will strip the threads so take it slow and you will get a nice tight connection.
  • If you cannot get a tight enough seal we recommend using plumbing putty to make sure everything is super snug.
  • If you have a short pipe coming out of the wall you might find it hard to turn your Dual Ultimate when connecting to the elbow.  If this is the case remove the sides and attach the middle to the elbow and then screw the sides back on.  
  • We don't tighten the sides very tight when we ship your filter.  We like to let you tighten them up so that when you have to change the filter cartridges you can easily remove them.  You will want to make sure they are snug so that you have no water sneaking out. 
  • In some cases the pipe coming from the shower wall is low. In this case you don't have to use the elbow, you can attach the shower filter straight to the pipe.